10 Best Rock Songs Featured In TV Commercials

It makes perfect sense that companies would fill their television spots with some of our favorite music. It certainly makes it much more difficult to change the channel when your favorite Elton John song is playing, even if you’re not in the market for a new car (That Yugo of yours is a classic and irreplaceable).

Here are the best rock songs featured in commercials. They’ve definitely kept your butt on the couch for at least an extra 30 seconds. Hell, you might have even spent some money because of them.

Chase featuring Thin Lizzy’s
“The Boys Are Back In Town”

Can we take a moment a catch a quick glimpse of that tab? $65 for three burgers and three shakes. $15 FOR A HAMBURGER! Tip 20% and you’re spending $78.

Looks like Ramen for the rest of the week, kids.

Heineken featuring Squeeze’s “Tempted”

Bogarting another man’s beer? That’s a federal offense in the Netherlands.

Diet Pepsi featuring The Ramones’
“Blitzkreig Bop”

Punk rock ethos stands firmly against such commercialization. But Diet Pepsi cans slam dancing is too punk for those squares known as Diet Coke. Deal with it.

Coors Light featuring The O’Jay’s “Love Train”

“Love Train” has been involved in a series of Coors Light commercials. Coincidentally, Coors Light has been the catalyst for many love connections over the years.

Subaru featuring “Dust In The Wind”
by Kansas

We understand, Subaru. Your engineering is a cut above the rest. But your drivers are jerks. Who leaves a man and his dog stranded at an intersection?

Royal Carribean featuring Iggy Pop’s
“Lust For Life”

Ever notice how tan Iggy Pop is all of the time? Unlimited Caribbean cruises (we assume).

TGI Friday’s featuring Scorpions’
“Rock You Like A Hurricane”

Pretty women, hot wings and metal. Just bros being bros.

Volkswagon featuring Elton John’s
“Rocket Man”

This Volkswagon commercial is as real life as it gets. Stop pretending you know all the words to all those songs. It’s embarrassing for you and your friends.

Budweiser featuring Fleetwood Mac’s

Definitely the best commercial from Super Bowl XLVII. If you didn’t shed a tear for that man and his Clydesdale, you have some serious soul searching to do.

Chevrolet featuring Bob Seger’s “Like A Rock”

“Like A Rock” has been featured in Chevrolet’s advertising for over a decade, making it one of the longest-running advertising campaigns in history. It might also be the reason why anyone under the age of 25 knows who Bob Seger is.

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