Congratulations to all those lonely, jaded curmudgeons who survived Valentine’s Day. The corporate holiday does its very best to alienate singles with chocolate, flowers and edible arrangements. We can also blame social media for giving all those “happy” couples the ability to rub it in your collective face by flooding our feeds with gross over displays of affection.

Regardless, you made it. Now you can live the single life without too much pressure from the rest of the world.

KIDDING. Coincidentally, Phil Collins Day (February 15th) follows Valentine’s Day, and if you’v ever listened to any of the English drummer’s music you know there are some mixed messages being sent. Do you try and make it work with your ex? Do you move on the bigger, better things? Do you wait for the perfect mate to come your way?

We don’t know because Phil Collins can’t give us a straight answer!

Please Wait For Me

AP Photo/Vanina Lucchesi

AP Photo/Vanina Lucchesi

Song: “Don’t Let Him Steal Your Heart Away”


“Well he’s gonna try to make it work for you / Make you think your whole life’s been leading to this / But whatever you do / Think about me and don’t be fooled by his kiss”

The Right Person Is Out There

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Song: “You Can’t Hurry Love” (Originally by The Supremes)


“You can’t hurry love / No, you’ll just have to wait / Just trust in a good time / No matter how long it takes.”

I Can’t Accept It’s Over

AP Photo/Lennox McLendon

AP Photo/Lennox McLendon

Song: “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)”


“Take a look at me now / Because there’s just an empty space / And you coming back to me / Is against all odds and that’s what I’ve got to face.”

I Don’t Care Anymore



Song: “I Don’t Care Anymore” (Duh)


“I won’t be there no more / So get out of my way / Let me by / I got better things to do with my time / I don’t care anymore.”

Give Me Another Chance

AP Photo/Keystone, Dorothea Mueller

AP Photo/Keystone, Dorothea Mueller

Song: “One More Night”


“If I stumble if / if I fall / just help me back.”

Without a doubt, Phil Collins has made scores of great hits for decades that we love to hear time and time again. But perhaps February 15th isn’t the best day to celebrate what a fine bloke he is.

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