The Germ Guide: Tips To Keep The Flu Away

Does everyone around you seem to be sick with the flu? If you want to stay healthy, there are some things you can do to keep the flu virus at bay.

According to the book, The Germ Freak’s Guide to Outwitting Colds and Flu, you should:

  • Use throw-away cleaning items like paper towels instead of cloth dish towels. Put your sponges and sink brushes through the dishwasher every day, too.
  • The bathroom sink is a hotspot for germs! Scrub it, along with the faucet and the knobs with disinfectant every day.
  • Don’t store your family toothbrushes in a common holder. Don’t share the toothpaste tube, either. If you’re sick, make sure you buy a new toothbrush to use when you get better.
  • Disinfect the remote control, game controls, computer keyboards and cell phones with something like Lysol. Let them sit for a few minutes and air dry before you use them again.

Also, be sure to wash the bed sheets after you or your kid is sick! If your husband or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend is sick — hit the couch for a good night’s sleep!

Dan and Deb share their flu prevention tips (surprise surprise, they do involve keeping Mr. G at a distance):

Read more tips from the Huff Post and take our poll:

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