With awards season in full swing, many folks head out to theaters to check out the movies with the big nominations.

And if you thought that bucket of popcorn you scarfed down at the theater tasted a little stale, you were right.

A secret-spilling insider confessed all to Reader’s Digest, listing the “13 secrets a movie theater employee won’t tell you.”

Here are a few to keep an eye out for:

  • Concession-stand popcorn has chemicals in it so that its aroma fills the theater, it also has been sitting there for about 2 days and most likely isn’t fresh.
  • For the first month of screening, money from ticket sales goes to movie studios. That’s why concessions are overpriced. Popcorn costs almost nothing to make.
  • The only foods to trust are the popcorn, drinks, and boxed candy. Don’t eat the pretzels, hot dogs, or nachos – reasons were not given for this.
  • Employees admit to sweeping left-over food under the seats between screenings because of quick turnaround.
  • Theater managers know you are sneaking into additional movies, they just don’t care enough to make the confrontation.

Mr. G shares his secrets of a FREE theater experience:

Read all 13 secrets at Reader’s Digest and take our movie poll:

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