The Beatles were one of the earliest bands to utilize the music video before music videos became a thing that MTV used to do. But some of them weren’t REALLY music videos. A perfect example is the “video” for their song “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away.”

Off of their 1965 album Help!, the video of the Lennon penned (FINE, Lennon/McCartney) tune features the boys in a London flat putting on a private performance for a lady in pink. There’s a story here, but you have no idea what it is because you’re watching it on YouTube. Like right now.

The clip is from the movie “Help!,” The Beatles’ second feature film, and the album is actually the soundtrack that accompanies it.

Now we can explain why they’re jamming out for that pink lady in that flat. The plot to “Help!” is pretty simple: There’s a cult after Ringo Starr because he’s wearing a ring they need to sacrifice a woman. A frenzy (and music) ensues.

This is why they are in the flat in London (which is shared by the entire band); John, Paul, George and Ringo need a place to hide while High Priest Clang (the guy with the manhole cover on his head, played by Leo McKern) hunts them down.

beatles pothole Not Really A Music Video: The Beatles Youve Got to Hide Your Love Away


And who is this very unimpressed lady in Pink?

beatles unimpressed Not Really A Music Video: The Beatles Youve Got to Hide Your Love Away

That’s Ahme, high priestess of the cult, who also headed over to London to steal the ring worn by star. Ahme is played by Eleanor Bron, who coincidentally inspired Paul McCartney while composing the song “Eleanor Rigby.” What you don’t see in this video: George Harrison passing out when he sees Ahme pull a giant needle from her bag.

There you have it. The music video that really isn’t a music video for “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” by The Beatles. And as an added bonus: Paul McCartney winking at you forever.

beatles wink Not Really A Music Video: The Beatles Youve Got to Hide Your Love Away

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