Legendary blues-rocker George Thorogood is a longtime baseball fan, and he often discusses his love for America’s pastime. But in a recent interview with CBS Local, the Delaware icon revealed that he was contemplating leaving music to try to work for the Los Angeles Dodgers… in their public relations department. His reasoning: the organization has a great history which they aren’t marketing properly. He thought his recording career was winding down at the time he was thinking of switching from rock clubs to baseball clubhouses.

In 2009, he put out a collection on longtime label Capitol Records called The Dirty Dozen, featuring some unreleased tracks and some new recordings, including a cover of Howlin’ Wolf’s “Tail Dragger.” At that point, Capitol asked him to do an entire album of covers of songs from the Chess Records label. Those songs made up his 2011 album, 2120 South Michigan Avenue (the address of the old Chess and Checker Records labels).

For those unfamiliar with LA baseball: Steve Lyons is an announcer for Dodgers baseball games; Vin Scully has been announcing Dodgers games for 63 seasons (since 1950). Hideo Nomo was the first Japanese-born Japanese player to permanently re-locate to the U.S. to join a major league baseball team, leading the way for other Japanese players to follow suit. Fernando Valenzuela was one of the first Mexican Major League baseball players. Jackie Robinson was the first African-American to play in the major leagues, and Sandy Koufax was one of the highest profile Jewish athletes of the ‘50s and ‘60s.

As for Thorogood, he’s not actually a Dodgers fan. “My team is the Mets, but my allegiance is to the game itself, I’m for whatever’s good for the game, National or American League, any franchise.” He adds, “I’ll stretch that as far as (the) Boston (Red Sox), I might cut it off there! But anything I can do to help promote the game itself, I’ll do. I’m a fan who is eager to help.” He’s no year-round sports fan though: “I don’t follow any sports but baseball. Baseball is the only game where the defense holds the ball. The other sports are too fast for me. You can’t sit and talk to your neighbor while the manager goes out and talks to the pitcher and say, ‘Who’s better, Hank Aaron or Frank Robinson?’”

Thorogood will have to watch the playoffs from hotels: he’s on the road from now through October 19, but he’ll be home by the time the World Series starts on October 24.

— Brian Ives, CBS Local

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