Brooklyn will make a splash during the final months of 2012 when the Barclays Center opens its doors at the end of this month. The venue will begin the fall season with a bang, featuring eight consecutive performances from Brooklyn Nets part-owner Jay-Z from September 28 to October 6. But rock ‘n’ roll will be represented very well in Brooklyn before the end of the year and we’re definitely excited for that.

That being said, here are the Top 5 Artists We’re Looking Forward To Seeing At The Barclays Center In 2012.

#5 Journey

journey Top 5 Artists Were Looking Forward To Seeing At The Barclays Center In 2012

Source: JourneyVEVO

No, Steve Perry won’t be there, as the former frontman has made it clear that a certain white meat would fly before he joined Journey for a reunion.

But let’s be honest, if you close your eyes, it’s not easy to tell the difference between Arnel Pineda and Perry. “Broadway” Bill Lee certainly thinks Journey will be a must-see show when they land in Brooklyn.

“Even without Steve Perry, Jouney’s new singer will bring the hits alive at the Barclays Center; and what an impressive list of hits they’ve got! Bring your girlfriend!”

Journey comes to town October 30 and will bring Pat Benetar and Loverboy with them. You can grab your tickets HERE.

#4 Neil Young

149779724 Top 5 Artists Were Looking Forward To Seeing At The Barclays Center In 2012

Steve Snowden/Getty Images

December 3rd is far off, and considering Neil Young‘s track record, there is no guarantee he and Crazy Horse will make it here. Just ask the fellas of Buffalo Springfield.

But our hopes are high, considering the amount of work Young has put in with Crazy Horse between headlining festivals and hitting the studio to produce new music, including Americana this past June and Psychedelic Pill in October.

Hopefully Neil doesn’t leave a note to the members of Crazy Horse with the message “eat a peach” and you can see them at the Barclay Center on December 3rd. Grab your tickets HERE.

Oh, “Broadway” Bill Lee would like you to dress accordingly.

“Neil Young on December 3 is the payoff for a year of Occupy Wall St. well done! Bring an extra pair of Birkenstocks just in case you step in a puddle in the restroom. It will be worth it!

#3 The Who

96578577 Top 5 Artists Were Looking Forward To Seeing At The Barclays Center In 2012

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Truly one of the greatest of all-time, the Who come to Brooklyn with a very special gift; Quadrophenia in its entirety. The band’s second rock opera (following 1969’s Tommy) will be accompanied by other Who classics, making their visit to the Barclay Center one of the biggest of 2012.

Bill Lee recommends letting the younger generation tag along with you on this trip to Brooklyn.

“Take your young rockers to see the Who before their warranties expire. One of rock’s greatest ever!

The Who will grace the Barclays Center stage on November 14th. Get your tickets HERE.

#2 Barbra Streisand

74967527 Top 5 Artists Were Looking Forward To Seeing At The Barclays Center In 2012

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Barbra Streisand will return to the place she called home for not just one, but TWO dates in October. Streisand has made a name for herself on both screen and stage for more than a half century. The hometown girl has the borough of Brooklyn excited, as well as two of CBS-FM’s finest; Ron Parker and Sue O’Neal.

“Why Barbra?” Well when I was very young, I remember my mother trying to get me to go with her to see Barbra in the Broadway production of “Funny Girl.” No way! I just can’t relate to stuff like that!” says Parker. “Why would I want to see her? Jump ahead decades later and I think Barbra is one of the most talented singers and actresses. In fact, through my record business connections, I have a beautiful framed picture Barbra once sent to me that says ‘To Ron, with Love, Barbara.’ And to this day I have never seen her in concert!”

Sue O’Neal appreciates Streisand’s ability as well, but might have some other motives for seeing her as well.

“She doesn’t perform very often so it would be spectacular to see her in her native Brooklyn. Plus, [I] would love to see what she would wear and also hoping her handsome husband James Brolin or cute stepson Josh Brolin might be around, too!”

Get your tickets to see Barbra Streisand on October 11 HERE and October 13 HERE.

#1 Bob Dylan

bob dylan1 Top 5 Artists Were Looking Forward To Seeing At The Barclays Center In 2012

Source: BobDylanVEVO

The voice of a generation will come to Brooklyn to be heard one more time. Bob Dylan takes a career spanning more than 50 years to the Barclays Center on November 21st and will be accompanied by special guest Mark Knopfler.

There’s no need to go jumping through windows (see GIF above) to get tickets, because Christmas has come early (again, see GIF above). CBS-FM has your chance to win a pair of tickets to see Bob Dylan and his Band on November 21st.

Enter HERE For Your Chance To Win Bob Dylan Tix

You won’t want to miss out, just like our main man, Lenny Bloch.

“Sadly, Bob can’t remain ‘Forever Young.’ Wanna catch my hero one more time. And guitar god Mark Knopfler joins him!”

Bonus Pick: Green Day

151386711 Top 5 Artists Were Looking Forward To Seeing At The Barclays Center In 2012

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Green Day? Really?

Yes, really. The veteran pop-punk rockers carry some serious clout, having sustained a more than successful career for over 20 years. What’s the perk of YOU seeing them when Billie Joe Armstrong and the boys come to Brooklyn? Our very own Lenny Bloch says it best:

“I wanna bang heads with my son, who is a huge fan.”

We always tell the younger generations to take a seat and listen to “real music,” but have we ever taken the time to do the same for them? Maybe you should. And while you’re at it, catch a show with your kid and make some memories that will last both of you a lifetime.

Green Day doesn’t come to town until January 16, 2013, which is why we have it here as a special bonus pick. You can get tickets for you and your favorite “offspring” (another pop-punk reference!) HERE.



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