Broadway Bill Lee Remembers Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix passed away 42 years ago on September 18, 1970, leaving behind an unforgettable musical career. The legendary guitarist was only 27 years old when his girlfriend found his lifeless body. It is believed that he suffocated after overdosing on sleeping pills.

Hendrix was unlike any other rockstar of his time. He had the uncanny ability to hypnotize crowds all over the world with his psychedelic guitar riffs. Every girl wanted a piece of him and every boy wanted to manipulate the guitar like he did.

Despite Hendrix’s short musical career, people still praise him and rock out to his three albums.

WCBS-FM’s own “Broadway” Bill Lee recalls jamming out to Hendrix as a junior in high school:

“I remember the tickets were $7 and we had to give the guy the money by Tuesday to get tickets for Thursday night. We all snuck out to see the show at the Cleveland Public Hall.

The Soft Machine opened and we weren’t toked up so they were boring. Jimi was fantastic; sounded like the records and better, set his ax on fire and when one guy yelled ‘take your hat off’ Jimi yelled back ‘why don’t you take off your pants’ [and] the place went nuts. The next day I was in Latin class, the room had windows that faced the street.

Across the street was a Chevy dealer. At about 2 pm, we notice Hendrix buying a new Corvette and we all went out on the front lawn. He waved … our lives were complete at 17.”

Check out the original news broadcast announcing Jimi Hendrix’s death 42 years ago.

– Maria Bonello, WCBS-FM Intern 

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