Micky Dolenz Still In Shock Over Jones’ Death As He Looks Toward Tour, Return To Broadway

It’s been nearly four months since the untimely and surprising passing of music icon Davy Jones. While many have begun to move on, some are still feeling the affects of his absence. One of them is his former bandmate and friend, Micky Dolenz.

The former Monkee spoke with CBS-FM’s Ron Parker today to discuss the loss of Jones as he begins to move forward with other ventures, like his tour with The Turtles and a possible return to Broadway.

CBS-FM’s loyal listeners remember Dolenz not just as a member of the Monkees, but for his time as morning show host on their favorite station on the radio dial. Dolenz woke up every morning with the people in the tri-state area for 100 shows from January through July of 2005 before the station’s unpopular flip to Jack-FM. Dolenz remembers fondly his time in the city’s most coveted time slot.

“I miss it. I had a great time and look back so fondly,” says Dolenz. “People don’t know how difficult it is, to do what we do.”

CBS-FM would make its triumphant return in July of 2007, and though Dan Taylor returned to his morning show duties, Dolenz would appear on the air waves as host for his long awaited 101st show on February 3, 2008.

Dolenz has many fond memories of his former friend and bandmate Davy Jones, whom passed in February of a severe heart attack due to atherosclerosis. Jones’ untimely passing still resonates with the former Monkee today.

“We’re still all kind of reeling from it a little bit,” says Dolenz. “I was in shock, I still am. I’m still dedicating part of the show to his memory.”

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But like many who mourn the loss of someone close to them, Dolenz must return to normalcy. For him that means getting on the road and performing. This summer and fall Micky will be on tour with The Turtles once again as a part of their Happy Together Tour.

“I did it a couple years ago and had a great time,” says Dolenz. “It’s a great show. Two and a half hours of nothing but top ten hits.” Joining The Turtles and Dolenz will be Gary Puckett, The Grass Roots and The Buckinghams.

Looking farther down the road, Dolenz is looking to return to a venture he enjoyed in the recent past; musical theater. Before last year’s tour with the Monkees, Dolenz was in the West End of London performing in Hairspary.

“People have called my agents about going back to Broadway and also to London in the West End to do a show over there.”

Listen to Ron Parker’s entire interview with Micky Dolenz:

Check out Micky Dolenz when he comes to the tri-state area on the Happy Together Tour, which you can check out below:

06.20 | New Brunswick NJ | State Theater

06.21 | Tarrytown NY | Music Hall

06.23 | Westbury NY | NYCB Theater

07.28 | Asbury Park NJ | Paramount Theater

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