Everyone at CBS-FM is saddened by the news about Davy Jones, who passed away this morning at the age of sixty-six.

A couple members of our on air staff picked their favorite tracks from the Monkees and recollect why they were so special to them.

“(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone”

“A Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart tune that just has a great 60s sound. I’ve always liked this even though they all didn’t perform on it.”

– Dan Taylor

“This song takes me back to the TV Show. The look and that really cool Monkeemobile that I always wanted to drive!”

– “Brooklyn’s Own” Joe Causi

“(It’s So) Nice To Be With You”

ron parker and davey jones CBS FMs On Air Staff Picks Their Favorite Songs by the Monkees“I wish this story was not true about Davey. I had wonderful opportunities to spend some quality time working concerts and promotions with Davey. My favorite song of his takes you back to 1969. It was called ‘It’s So Nice To Be With You’ by the Monkees. Davey sang lead vocals. This was one of my favorite songs from High School. At the time I was dating a special girlfriend who was nice to be with.”

– Ron Parker


“A very underplayed song, in my opinion. And by this time, each member of the Monkees had become musicians. Oh, and you just gotta love those harmonies!”

– “Broadway” Bill Lee

“(Theme From)The Monkees”

“When I was a kid, my sister and I would grab our air guitars and play along as if we were the Monkees. One of the great moments from my childhood!”

– Lenny Bloch

“My favorite song is the theme from The Monkees TV show. As soon as those first notes play, it’s Monday night and I’m in front of the TV watching them. It was a total musical and visual experience… and I still have my Monkees albums and lunchbox!”

– Sue O’Neal

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Comments (7)
  1. Mary Shaw says:

    Mine is watching the Brady Bunch and wishing when Davey sang “Girl” and closing my eyes thinking it is for me ๐Ÿ™‚ my other favorite was “I am not your stepping stone” I have the whole boxset on my ipod!!! Everytime the Monkee’s were somewhere close, I went if I could, Davey did SI college but by himself and thats where I finally met him and told him I love him, he said I love you too ๐Ÿ™‚ Great song you all are picking!!! I know them all!!!

  2. Valerie and Pleasant Valley Sunday’ great singles and great songs!

  3. Barry Mardit says:

    “Flipsides” that got played on the radio! The Monkees had a bunch…my favorite was “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone”, the “other” side of I’m A Believer. I live in the Detroit area…but the first place I went after hearing the sad news about Davy was…CBS-FM online. I knew they’d be “takin’ care of business”! Now I’m gonna flip through all my Monkees 45rpm picture sleeves…HELLO BROOKLYN! ~ Barry Mardit

  4. Kaye Quinn says:

    My favorite Monkee,wasn’t he everybody’s almost? My favorite songs were “I want to Be Free” & his duet /Peter,”Shades of Gray”..still apropos today. Unfortunately,never saw them perform,but the music’s still great. My sympathy to his family. RIP to everyone’s “Artful Dodger”!

  5. JOHN HENLE says:

    I was lucky enough to see Davey Jones in concert twice. The first time was a couple of years ago at the saint george theatre in Staten Island He was appearing with David Cassidy Mr.Jones closed his segment by bringing most of the audience on stage for daydream believer.
    The most recient time was just last year for the monkees reunion concert at the Beacon theatre. The show blew everyone there away,
    How unfortunate it is that it takes this tragedy to show the value of the monkees music,They were not just a singles band as any fan knows they became a real band when they worked on their album Headquarters. a number one album without a hit single,but it did contain one of their greatest songs Shades of Grey.Here they really became a band singing and playing together.Maybe as this year moves along people will come to see the importance of the monkees in the history of music and then we will at last welcome them into the rock and roll hall of fame.

  6. Steve Rose says:

    The Monkees reflected everything good, fun, joyous and optimistic about the late 60’s, and the effusive Davy Jones was a great part of why.

    They leave us with so many great songs that stand up to the test of time. “Valleri” was just an incredible song – I had forgotten about that one. “Hard to Believe” showed another side of Davy Jones as solo vocalist and singing a song he co-wrote himself.

    1. Barbara Nezlick says:

      I just saw the Monkees over the summer. I usher at a theatre in Morristown. They were great. He was in rare form. Dancing and joking with the audience. We will miss him. I am soo very glad I had the pleasure of seeing them. Sad day for us. He will be missed.

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