Eating shark is nothing new for some, but are you ready for shark burgers at your local fast food takeout place?

A place called Island Burger in East Flatbush, Brooklyn has started selling the burger for $9.50 and it’s become so popular that other fast food places may attempt to sell their own shark burger!

The Daily News spoke to Linette Beckles and her big sister Tracy Agarrat who own the takeout joint that sells the Shark and they say they only have six-seats and sometimes have lines out the door for their Shark Burger.

Read more about this Shark Burger sensation from the Daily news HERE and listen to Dan and Mr. G talk about Shark Burgers:

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Comments (49)
  1. Smith says:

    This show is turning X rated!….Love it!

    1. Scuba Diva says:

      I hope they have a warning label on it; the meat of sharks, like that of other apex predators, contains PCBs and high concentrations of anything that’s been consumed by animals lower on the food chain.

      This is only good news for oncologists and those who will be treating the diseases brought on by eating shark meat—the primary concern, however, is that all species of sharks are becoming critically endangered. We need sharks to keep the oceans clean, far more than they need us.

  2. John Lewis says:

    As a diver, I am astonished that this is even a consideration for most people. Apparently, the efforts of those of us who enjoy the sea around us to make people aware of the plight of sharks worldwide (as well as other environmental issues) is just not getting through.

    What is the difference whether it’s shark fin soup or a shark burger if it puts more pressure on a creature whose numbers have been dramatically reduced?

  3. ScubaChickJamie says:

    These ladies should be educated on the issues surrounding sharks. Shouldnt they know better since they are from a Caribbean Island.

    1. Jonathan Gonzalez says:

      You should be educated as to what kind of shark meat this is. It’s MSC certified spiny dogfish. Chill scuba chick.

      1. t.lee says:

        Trying to justify selling this crap by saying “its spiney dogfish” msc certified..Is bollox!!
        Why dont they advertise their new idea as it is… “super yummy dogfish burger”?.. not so appealing to the lesser brained morons eh?…

      2. Cat says:

        @Jonathan Gonzales: Even if it is spiny dogfish, it’s being sold as a ‘shark burger’, and that’s what people beleive they’re getting….. So, can’t chill about this, as to almost all of the world, a shark is a shark is a shark. Lots are endangered, have high levels of mercury and/or are killed for their fins. Most people are waking up to these disgusting practices, and instead, here’s two people that are introdcuing a new way to undermine all the good being done out their to protect them and change attitudes

      3. dan tayler says:

        You’re an IDIOT, and go back where you came from…

      4. Jonathan Gonzalez says:

        Hi Cat,
        It’s always good to ask what fish you are eating when you aren’t sure. When I first heard of this, I was immediately curious as to what type of shark and how it was caught.
        When I called and asked I was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t imported from a sketchy fishery and that the owners did their homework as to using a sustainable source of shark.
        I believe in sticking up for what’s right and I font like watching these woman being bullied by folks that can’t even make a phonecall to read beyond the headline.
        Fisheries are complicated. The responsible ones should be rewarded/left alone. I hate to see people making an effort to do the right thing bring punished for it.
        Know your fishermen, ask them questions, you’ll learn a lot from them about how to protect our oceans

  4. As a shark conservationist this would never enter my mind to eat as a product, mores so considering the extremely high Methyl Mercury content of shark meat.

    I would suggest as a responsible retailer that Island Burger checks into this before they get hit with lawsuits concerning poisoning their clients!

    1. Jonathan Gonzalez says:

      Lawsuits? Poisoning? Really?
      It would be responsible for YOU to find out what type of shark meat it is first before you make such crazy claims. It’s spiny dogfish caught in the newly MSC certified fishery. Spiny dogfish meat (unlike mako meat) is NOT high in mercury. It’s actually a lot lower than a lot of other fish that you probably eat.

      1. Jill Hirschi says:

        Oh really, this website states the different that spiny dogfish is high in mercury. So I think you should rethink what your saying before you say it because you sound like a idiot.

      2. Jonathan Gonzalez says:

        Actually Jill, it’s “an idiot,” not a idiot.
        I’m fine with what I said, no regrets here. Please read more…

      3. Jill Hirschi says:

        You should be fine with what you said here because people think your a educated douche. Oh sorry forgot a “n” because I’m sick. But you just can’t fight against facts and the truth so move to another place where they believe your stupid crap.

      4. Jonathan Gonzalez says:

        Hi again Jill,
        It’s “you’re an educated douce,” not your a educated douche. Are you still sick? Maybe that’s why you are being so rude?
        My point is that there are flat out death threats on these comments about these two woman running Island Burger. For what, serving up some shark? Go to your local taco stand and ask what their fish tacos are made of. When they say shark will you shoot them? I love sharks and our oceans but people like you, Jill make me embarrassed to be a conservationist. I pray for people like you.

      5. Jill Hirschi says:

        Sorry, but yes I’m still sick kinda hard to get over cancer, so sorry about my little writing errors, kinda hard to think when you in severe pain but it is not the reason why. The reason why I’m so rude is that the two woman running Island Burger are helping to kill sharks, the customers, and the ocean. Also with the ocean already dying, but providing us water, food, climate change, and oxygen and with the risk of losing that and therefore the future changing for everyone kinda gets to me. And for what stupid burgers and are full of mercury, just proves that people are stupid hookers that will sell anything for a buck. But no I’m not going to shoot them but I will protest and write against it like I’m doing now, because with 100,000,000 million sharks dying a year and 3 every second dying but only 6.5 million new sharks being born that is not going to take long to wipe them out. But you say you love sharks but want to kill and eat them your not the brighest bulb are you? So I pray for people like you that know better and are STILL helping to kill mankind.

  5. Gwyn Mills says:

    The Government Health & Safety office have an obligation to warn and inform all consumers that sharks meat can carry up to 42 times the legal limit of mercury.
    Tests on shark meat and fins contain methyl mercury that exceeds World Health Organisations recommended levels.
    US authorities in the past have warned the public against its consumption, so buyer be warned .
    Unborn babies and young infants are very sensitive to methyl mercury’s effects.
    Methyl mercury causes central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) damage. How bad the damage is depends on how much poison gets into the body. Many of the symptoms of mercury poisoning are similar to those seen in cerebral palsy. In fact, methyl mercury is thought to cause a form of cerebral palsy.
    The FDA recommends that women who are pregnant, or may become pregnant, and nursing mothers avoid fish that may contain unsafe levels of methyl mercury.
    Such fish includes swordfish, king mackerel, shark, or tilefish. (Young infants should not be given these fish, either.) Check with your local or state health departments for warnings against locally caught, noncommercial fish.
    G Mills on behalf of Dive Tribe

  6. rossier says:

    Hey girls, you must stop your “shark burgers” . You are committing a crime against sharks and against humans . You participate of the extermination of sharks, who a lot of people is fighting for their protection, each day !! It’s not a good product , and you do not have a good publicy for this!!!!! And with the high level of mercury on shark meat, you will kill your consumers…bad, bad, bad…so get off shark burgers of your menu right now!! Even in Europe, we have eyes on you!!!!!

    Fabienne Rossier

    1. Jonathan Gonzalez says:

      The real crime against humans here is people like you demonizing local fishermen who are allowed to catch sharks legally from an MSC certified fishery. “High level of mercury on shark meat” does not apply to spiny dogfish who are relatively small and eat small fish.
      I love sharks too and want to save them, but this is a waste of all your time. Nothing wrong going on here.

  7. David T. says:

    There are NGOs and Filmmakers all over the world fighting for the shark-killing to stop.
    People in Asia for example get educated about the problems we cause by slaughtering sharks and now it becomes fashionable to eat shark in the states again ?

    Money makes the world go round, money makes a man bow down,
    money makes our heart shut down, money makes a knight a clown.

    But at least we never forget that capitalism is the ONE answer to all the
    questions religions don’t answer.

  8. BlondeCaveFish says:

    I hope this article helps this restaurant go out of business. SHAME ON YOU, girls, for adding to the problem of killing sharks! SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  9. Diana the Warrior says:

    I’d prefer to starve to death than to ever eat such an abomination! By selling this, you are not only condoning but being accomplices to the murder of these precious and endangered creatures. If you sold me the meat of the murderers who killed these innocent sharks I’d buy that, AND I’d eat it – because shark murderers deserve to die! Please stop supporting these obscene criminals!

  10. Riley Clark says:

    1.) If you’re eating these burgers, or are interested in doing so, don’t. Sharks are a top predator, which means that they ingest everything below them on the food chain, meaning they ingest HUGE amounts of Mercury. THESE BURGERS ARE TOXIC
    2.) Sharks populations are in critical condition and if we keep killing them, they will go extinct altogether because of their low reproduction rates and other factors.
    3.) The ocean needs top predators to balance the food chain. If sharks are taken out of the food chain, there will be repercussions for every member of terrestrial and marine ecological communities, HUMANS INCLUDED.

  11. Jonathan Gonzalez says:

    Do any of you crazy enviros even know what kind of shark it is? I heard it was spiny dogfish from the newly MSC certified fishery. You guys should do your homework first before you act nuts…

    1. SaveOurSharks says:

      You “heard” it was spiny dogfish. Perfect! Lets base assumptions on something you heard. They can say its from where ever they want to, there is no telling what kind of shark it is actually from. And if it is Spiny dogfish here is a little food for thought..

      “Once the most abundant shark species in the world, populations of Squalus acanthias have declined significantly. They are classified in the IUCN Red List of threatened species as Vulnerable globally and Critically Endangered in the Northeast Atlantic, meaning stocks around Europe have decreased by at least 95%.”

      Maybe you will start thinking now? Hmmm?

      1. Jonathan Gonzalez says:

        Yeah, I called there twice and talked to two different people and they said it was spiny dogfish. As for your quote, see my comment below…

  12. sunnydiving says:

    THis is just HORRIBLE!!!! I am fighting every day to ban shark fin soup and then I read this…and that people are fond of it? Don’t they know better?! The sharks are on the top of the ecosystem in the oceans. Without them there will be loads of sick fishes and everything will go under….. STOP this know! Please… :/

  13. Jonathan Gonzalez says:

    I get it, you nutty enviros are done harassing Rosie, so now these two ladies are going to be the new focus of your non-fact based, emotionally fueled rants.

    I wanna save sharks too, but you nutballs actually do far worse for the cause than you do good. You ruin your causes credibility and folks don’t take you serious as a result. You are viewed as “humaniacs” and folks will not want to work with you. I know this because I am a shark conservationist and I would never stand along side with anyone in this comment post, you all are just way too out there.

    When you make crazy comments like :”If you sold me the meat of the murderers who killed these innocent sharks I’d buy that, AND I’d eat it – because shark murderers deserve to die!” or “THESE BURGERS ARE TOXIC”, you really need to take a step back and look at yourself and ask, is this helping anything?

    I called this place and it turns out the burgers are spiny dogfish. Spiny dogfish are NOT at risk of overfishing and the meat is NOT high in mercury because spiny dogfish are relatively small and eat small fish.

    If you want to be effective, educate yourself about both sides of any potential problem and if you feel action is necessary, take action in a tactful, productive manner rather than in an emotionally fueled waste of time.

  14. Amy says:

    Spiny dogfish are in fact a threatened species. They were once the most abundant shark species in the world, populations of Squalus acanthias have declined significantly. They are classified in the IUCN Red List of threatened species as Vulnerable globally and Critically Endangered in the Northeast Atlantic.

  15. John Taylor says:

    Cutting through all the experts, here’s a basic biological reality: SHARKS (of any kind except the Whale Shark) are an apex predator. As such, they do not belong on the menu (and that’s ignoring my vegetarian/vegan perspective.) Prey animals are such because they have LOTS of babies very regularly. Predators have far fewer, and this is what keeps things in balance.
    “Finning” sharks is bad, sick and depraved. Eating the rest isn’t the answer, though. We shouldn’t be messing with the predatory species AT ALL. What we do in ignorance can have DEVASTATING global impacts on ALL the ocean waters and inhabitants… and that affects us dramatically as well. LEAVE IT IN THE SEA!

    1. Jonathan Gonzalez says:

      “SHARKS (of any kind except the Whale Shark) are an apex predator.”
      That is not true, John. Some sharks may be “top-level predators,” but the orca is the only true apex predator. Orcas predate on sharks and not the opposite. A small percentage of the over 400 shark species are top level predators but the majority of sharks are smaller than you imagine and are eaten by other fish in the sea.

  16. Jonathan Gonzalez says:

    Thank you, Amy for the sane comment. Just FYI, the IUCN red list is usually outdated and the Northeast Atlantic is European waters.
    These burgers are Canadian dogfish. Here is a link for you
    The US Atlantic spiny dogfish fishery is currently under consideration for the same certification.

  17. I VOTED NO BECAUSE ITS NOT FAIR ITS LIKE SHARKS DONT EVEN GET A CHANCE TO LIVE WITCH IS NOT FAIR AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Smith says:

    Sharks taste great! I will make sure people start eating more sharks. Healthy and nutritious. Good for the mind. Don’t care about the mercury levels. SAVE THE TUNA!

    1. Jill Hirschi says:

      Okay just to let you know Medical risks associated with mercury consumption include:
      •Damage to the developing brain of the fetus resulting in mental disabilities.
      •Interference with a child’s brain development (even at low doses).
      •Increased incidence of autism in children exposed to mercury.
      •Interference with blood pressure regulation in adults.
      •Increased risk of heart disease.
      •Neurological problems including memory loss and chronic fatigue.
      •Low sperm count, erectile dysfunction and even sterility in men.

      Also save the tuna, from what? Humans? They are the biggest killer of them all and they kill animals in the sea that they never even wanted, sharks however only kill to eat and eat what they kill, however cannot say the same thing about humans.

  19. Susan says:

    MSC certificate only applies to line-caught spiny dogfish from British Columbia….I highly doubt they are flying this into NY daily…….They shouldn’t be promoting shark killing at any rate.

  20. Sander says:

    Adding to the discussion below, with good arguments from both sides, in my opinion it is just a bad idea stimulating people to eat shark meat by selling the shark burger. Keep in mind all the horrible things already going on with the sharks and the fact that most shark species are not doing well at the moment, and that no matter if this type is not in danger of becoming extinct (for now that is) it’s part of a species which is already in a bad spotlight to many. It’s sad that people think it’s cool to eat shark meat, and it’s even more sad that shark meat is sold as fast food in 2012!

    1. Jonathan Gonzalez says:

      I really respect your level headed perspective, Sander.
      It’s just that you shouldn’t be surprised that shark meat is being sold as fast food because it has been for over 50 years. What I mean is the main reason for the decline in the spiny dogfish population in European waters is because it was and is still used to make fish and chips. If you’ve ever eaten fish and chips, or even fish tacos or ceviche for that matter, than you’ve probably eaten shark several times and not known it because most folks don’t advertise it.

      1. Silky Shark says:

        dear Jonathan Gonzalez and others…the use of the word ‘shark burger’ says it all. Us enviros, as you so love to call us, are harping on about that fact that they are selling SHARK burgers…SHARK being the operative word here!! If it is indeed a spiny dogfish then why why not name the burger as such eh?? Label the product correctly and of course it would not be such a sell out… unfortunately we have to assume that humans are as thick as **** and that when they eat said burger they actually reckon that it is a great white shark, you know the same as in that Jaws movie, that they are consuming. Maybe the burger selling joint could serve a side order of literature on how that an awful lot of sharks are endangered and that they are not eating the monster of the deep but merely a spiny dogfish.

    2. i agree with you because its not even right to sharks!!!!!!!! and i got a friend who swims with sharks and he said sharks are simply amazeing and im sure u would agree that them rest on here that are for the shark resterant are wrong because they are just animal HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Jonathan Gonzalez says:

        How old are you, Dawn? I’m guessing 9…

  21. BlondeCaveFish says:

    None the less, no matter that there are arguments going on here in these comments, selling shark burgers or ANY fish and calling it a “shark burger” or a “shark steak” is 100% wrong. Period. Sharks are amazing creatures and should be protected. ALL of them. Sharks, rays, whales, dolphins, seals … They ALL belong in the oceans – NOT on our dinner plates.

    I am a professional scuba diver. I have been for many years. The decline in the shark, whale, ray and dolphin populations around the world makes me sick. We must do all we can to protect them. There’s a horrible imbalance in the ecosystem already, and it’s only going to get worse if we don’t do something NOW.

    I have not eaten any creature from the oceans in many years. I don’t see that I ever will. It’s not that I don’t like the taste of fish, scallops, oysters, or other creatures, it’s just that I recognize there’s a HUGE problem and I don’t eat them out of respect. When we go on trips I always scan the menus of the restaurants we go to before we are seated. I look online in advance whenever possible. If I see shark on the menu I refuse to spend even a penny in the place. And, yes, I tell them why I refuse to stay.

    Please, people, do not eat shark. Please share the word and make a difference. It’s up to each of us to take a stand. These animals are worth saving.

  22. navi says:

    Stop this stupid idea

  23. Orcaluvver says:

    To Jonathan, since you seem to know so much and are extremely adamant that this is not shark, I ask, why the false advertisement? The establishment has brought this down on their own heads by calling it shark burger. And until the name is removed, or even better, the product, this shall continue.

    1. Jonathan Gonzalez says:

      I never claimed it wasn’t a shark burger. A spiny dogfish is a shark. There is no false advertising here.

  24. Jonathan Mitchell says:

    I hope people realise that eating shark meat involves exposing their bodies to high concentrations of mercury and other harmful chemicals, often in higher doses than the World Health Organisation (WHO) limits recommend. As well as this, sharks are an integral part of marine ecosystems being at the top of the food chain so by eating them we are contributing towards the decline and instability of other fish stocks if not the whole marine ecosystem.

  25. jakerobyn says:

    it doesn’t matter whether its shark meat or spiny dogfish the point is that its advertising shark meat therefore advertising the growth in the killing of sharks which as we all know are now in serious danger…this should all stop not for the peoples benefit but for the sharks!!!its time for people to really think about what is important for once its not about the human race.i hope that whoever is involved know that sharks are endangered…at the end of the day if this grows then it will be any shark meat in those burgers…its all about making money and whoever doesn’t know that is stupid

  26. Mike says:

    R U F·”%ing serious????? Haven´t people gotten the message yet…. Sharks are becoming close to extinction all over the planet and they are beautiful creatures…. I dive with them constantly and am always amazed by how cool they are…. Stop killing these poor animals, these people should be shot.

  27. Jemma says:

    I actually just saw a pulbic talk by Dr. Demian Chapman about white sharks in the northeast and in general. Not being a shark biologist, I was pretty surprised at some of the things I learned. Some of the most interesting things I learned was about some of their migrations using satellite tags, he talked about how sharks from South Australia ended up in Fiji, sharks from the California ended up in Hawaii, and one tagged shark from South Africa ended up near Australia (a whopping 5200 mile journey!). All of these migrations had the white sharks spending considerable amounts of time in the open ocean. However, the Cape Cod white sharks seem to just migrate down the coast toward Florida. Anyway, I could write paragraphs about all the cool stuff I learned on here, but maybe I’ll just leave that for my blog.

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