Go Retro with Lily and the Parlour Tricks

A constant complaint amongst many music fans who grew up to the sounds from the likes of Buddy Holly, Elvis, The Beatles and onward is the absence of style, substance, and charisma wrapped into one.

Those of you looking to recapture some of the musical magic from your youth don’t need to wander very far, because Lily and the Parlour Tricks are causing an uproar right here in New York City and they harness everything there is to love from decades gone by.

[PHOTOS] Lily & The Parlour Tricks at Bowery Electric

Lily and the Parlour Tricks (Lily Clair on vocals, Angelo Spagnolo on guitar, Brian Kesley on bass, Terry Moore on drums, with Morgane Moulherat and Darah Golub providing the harmonies) don’t have an intriguing story of how they met. It’s much like many of your favorites: They attended school together, shared a common interest, and decided to make beautiful music together.

Their self-titled EP was released on October 18th, and in keeping with their retro sound, which fluidly mashes together the classic girl group with hints of Tom Waits, Elvis Presley, and the contemporary She & Him, was recorded straight to tape.

“We had recorded in the past, very digitally and very produced, very big, and sounded great,” says Lily. “But it didn’t sound like us at all. We wanted something to engineer to what we sound like live. We spend a lot of time putting together our live show and we wanted something to reflect that.”

And their live show is certainly something to call home about. The only proper way to describe the atmosphere of one of their shows is that of a modern day speakeasy, and you’re lucky enough to know the password to get in.

This was certainly the case last night at Bowery Electric, and I can attest to that.

Expect to imbibe in some spirits (preferably whiskey, their favorite pre-show drink), dance your ass off, and fall in love with the Tom Waits-esque guitar work and Andrews Sisters harmonies.

Yea, those three lovely ladies bring post WWII perfection to the 21st century. I literally just belt flipped some girl in the office next to me while I listened to “Poison Song.”

Setlist from Bowery Electric, 12.14.2011:

  • Poison Song
  • Tracks
  • The Good One
  • Oh Oh (The Letter)
  • Darwin Song
  • Little Angel
  • Apples and a Gun
  • Clap Hands
  • *Encore* Little Red Riding Hood

Lily and the Parlour Tricks are certainly an act you shouldn’t miss out on. They have shows coming up at the Rockwood Music Hall on January 6th and the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on January 20th, and will certainly have more on the way.

One thing is for certain, there are no illusions with Lily and the Parlour Tricks. They are everything the New York music scene is about in 2011 and moving forward: Style, substance, and a helluva good night out on the town.

Keep up with Lily and the Parlour Tricks:

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