The time has come for our CBS-FM Panel of Experts to scratch, claw, and name-call to find the best of the best. And needless to say, this one was not easy.

Since John, Paul, George, and Ringo are being featured in the Hall of Fame all weekend long, it’s only fitting we compile our greatest list to date.

Get ready for CBS-FM’s Best of The Beatles: The Top 20!

“Nowhere Man”

“The harmonies are so beautiful here, but John’s voice cuts right through. Something very sentimental about this one.”

– Pat St.John


“Hard Days Night”

“Just so darn clever!”

– Lenny Bloch


“Love Me Do”

“Yeah the Beatles can do the blues, that’s right they bad!”

– “Broadway” Bill Lee


“Till There Was You”

“A song with personal meaning to my wife and I, as it was a major front runner for our wedding song.”

– Chris Angelo, CBS-FM Production Team


“Rock and Roll Music”

“One of two quintessential covers, along with ‘Twist And Shout.’ Has the raw energy that was part of the early Beatles live combined with an exuberance that even kicks Chuck Berry’s original up a notch. It’s a great crank-it-up-when-it-plays-on-the-radio song. And when it’s over you want to play it again!”

– Bob Shannon


“Twist and Shout”

“Besides being one great song, I just love playing this coming down 5th Avenue on Columbus Day with this pumping out of the speakers. Guess it’s sort of a ‘Ferris Bueller’ complex I have.”

– “Brooklyn’s Own” Joe Causi


“The Long & Winding Road”

“Played at my High School graduation as we travelled down that ‘Long and Winding Road’ out of the school and into life!”

– Ron Parker


“Got to Get You Into My Life”

“Although they had broken up years before, this record got airplay upon its release in 1976. As someone who wasn’t around for The Beatles originally, this was the closest I would come to hearing one of their ‘new’ songs on the radio.”

– Chris Angelo, CBS-FM Production Team


“Dear Prudence”

“McCartney’s bass line rattles my bones!”

– Lenny Bloch


“I Call Your Name”

“Just the perfect amount of cowbell so I don’t need any more, and when John changes the tempo to ‘ska,’ it was just a genius move. I never realized how much ‘ska’ moves me.”

– Pat St. John


“The Night Before”

“This tune just reminds me of classic England in the 60’s. It has such a ‘UK Pop’ sound. Dark suits and thin ties, Beatle boots, and the ORIGINAL Mini Cooper!”

– Dan Taylor



“So simple and so effective. Anyone can relate to it and put themselves in a situation at some point in their life with this song. Sure, it’s depressing, but it’s one of the greatest songs of all time in my book.”

– Louis Pulice, Morning Show Producer


“Ob La Di, Ob La Da “

“A hint of Reggae, a dash of Ska and you’ve got a true Beatle Classic. Ever since Paul McCartney’s concert at Yankee Stadium last year, every time I hear this song all I can picture is the entire stadium singing in unison. Truly an amazing moment.”

– “Brooklyn’s Own” Joe Causi


“Hey Jude “

“Ultimate sing along… ‘na na na, na na na nahhhhh'”

– Lenny Bloch


“Here Comes the Sun”

“George’s signature song… so very, very beautiful.”

– Lenny Bloch


“Let It Be”

“I must admit I am more partial to John’s songs, but this to me is Paul’s masterpiece, even more I think than ‘Yesterday’ or other songs considered as his greatest. It all comes together on so many levels, not the least of which is its spirituality. Billy Preston’s organ and George’s guitar solo (either one from the 45 or LP version) elevate it further to iconic status.”

– Bob Shannon


“Abbey Road Medley”

“A musical journey straight through to the amazing lyrics of ‘The End'”

– Sue O’Neal


“She Loves You”

“First Beatles 45 I ever bought. I listened to it 186 times in a row one Saturday night in January 1964.”

– “Broadway” Bill Lee


“I Saw Her Standing There”

“In my book this is the song that started it all for The Beatles and for Beatle fans all over the world. Their is just something special when you hear ‘One, Two, Three, Four’ in the beginning of that song that really gets you going.”

– “Brooklyn’s Own” Joe Causi


“In My Life”

“Although John and Paul later disagreed on who contributed what to this song, the end result is lyrically and musically worthy of pop standard status. Like all the best Beatle songs, it manages to be both personal and universal at the same time. It’s also one of the songs I consider transitional from their earlier more derivative songs to their later creativity.”

– Bob Shannon

The debate here at CBS-FM was a fierce one, and there were a few songs left off the list that our expert panel regrets leaving out.

CLICK ahead to listen to a few of the songs that didn’t quite make the cut!

And since we’re playing Beatles’ #1’s in the Hall of Fame all weekend, YOU can vote for YOUR Top TEN and we’ll post the results on Monday!

Go HERE to cast YOUR vote!

NEXT PAGE The Best of the Rest

“You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away”

“The very first Beatles’ song totally unplugged and all acoustic. I can listen to this over and over.”

– “Brooklyn’s Own” Joe Causi

“While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

“The ultimate classic rock song. George Harrison up front, hypnotizing guitar riffs with Eric Clapton on lead guitar… doesn’t get much better than this!”

– Louis Pulice, Morning Show Producer

“Tell Me Why”

“Again that classic early sound from ‘Hard Days Night’ with great harmonies. And some complex drum patterns from Ringo. Hard to do when you’re a left-handed drummer playing a right-handed kit!”

– Dan Taylor

Now have a look at our expert panel. This crew here at CBS-FM have the experience and credentials that others can’t come close to!

Oh, and check out our previous CBS-FM Best of Lists too!

NEXT PAGE CBS-FM Panel of Experts

CBS-FM Panel of Experts

Brian Thomas
VP of Programming, Classic Hits, WCBS-FM Program Director.

Lenny Bloch
APD, On Air Jock

Dan Taylor
CBS-FM Morning Show Host

Bob Shannon
On Air Jock, 10am-3pm

“Broadway” Bill Lee
On Air Jock, 3pm-7pm

Ron Parker
On Air Jock, 7pm-Midnight

“Brooklyn’s Own” Joe Causi
Midnight-6am, Saturday Night ’70s

Pat St. John

Sue O’Neal

Steve O’Brien

Big Jay Sorensen

Dermot O’Neill
Creative Director

Chris Angelo
CBS-FM Production Team

Louis Pulice
Dan Taylor Morning Show producer

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