We Are Family: Top Ten Best Family Bands Of The ’60s & ’70s

They say the families that play together, stay together, and that couldn’t ring more true for these ten musical families who topped the charts in the ’60s and ’70s! See some of the most successful family bands who got past their sibling rivalry to record some of most memorable hits of the time!


10. The Partridge Family

Okay, so they weren’t really blood relatives in real life, but they did play a musical family on TV. Their music was so popular on TV that it was released as records, even though the only members heard on the studio takes were David Cassidy and Shirley Jones. Their biggest hit “I Think I Love You” debuted at No.1 on the Billboard charts and sold 5 million copies!


9. The Cowsills

Formed in 1965 by brothers Bill, Bob, and Barry, and later adding John, Susan, Paul and their mother Barbara, this true family band was the inspiration for the show The Partridge Family in 1970. Their biggest hits included “Hair” and “The Rain, The Park & Other Things.”


8. Shangri-Las

This band had a double dosage of family ties in the all girl group. Made up of two sets of sisters, Mary and Elizabeth “Betty” Weiss and identical twin sisters Marguerite “Marge” and Mary Ann Ganser, the  group often only appeared as a trio until late 1965, with Betty opting out of appearing on tours.

The had huge success with their No.1 hit single “Leader Of The Pack” and “Remember Walking In The Sand,” and even served as an influence for girl-fronted bands like Blondie and The Go-Gos.


7. The Osmonds

Made up of brothers Alan Osmond, Wayne Osmond, Merrill Osmond, and Jay Osmond and later joined by younger siblings Donny Osmond and Jimmy Osmond, The Osmonds went from singing barbershop music to creating ‘Osmondmania’ with their pop hits.

At the peak of their popularity in 71-72, The Osmonds became teen idols with their pop hits including No.1 single “Go Away Little Girl” with Donny billed as the lead vocalist.


6. Isley Brothers

Though the lineup ranged between six different brothers during their career, the founding members included O’Kelly Isley, Jr., Rudolph Isley, Ronald Isley and Vernon Isley. They found huge success in the ’60s with their hits “Twist And Shout” (which was covered by The Beatles) and their No.2 hit “It’s Your Thing.”


5.Sister Sledge

Four sisters Kim, Debbie, Joni and Kathy rose to fame in the 70s with their feel good hit about their inseparable sister bond, “We Are Family.”


4. Bee Gees

The British bros Barry, Robin and Maurice created the sound of the disco era in the ’70s with their groovin’ dance hits and the memorable theme music from Saturday Night Fever.


3. Sly And The Family Stone

The tag “family” worked both literally and figuratively for this funk group. Three members included siblings guitarist Freddie Stone, keyboardist and backup singer Rose Stone and the charismatic leader Sly himself, but the “family” also served the purpose of promoting a “togetherness” by having a racially integrated, multi-gender lineup.

They served as a major impact on other soul artists like Prince and had a slew of hits like “Dance To The Music.”


2. Beach Boys

The original group was made up of brothers Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson, their cousin Mike Love, and friend Al Jardine, and was even managed by the Wilson’s father Murry. Their distinct surf-pop sound helped define a generation in the early ’60s with beautiful harmonies and arrangements, and their 1966 album Pet Sounds was a major influence on The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s album.


1. The Jackson 5

One of the most prominent pop acts of the ’60s and ’70s, brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael Jackson became a phenomenon in music. They were the first group to score four number one singles on the charts and Michael later spun off into his own solo career that earned him the title of The King Of Pop.

Who do you think is the NUMBER ONE family band from the ’60s and ’70s? Let us know in the comments section below!

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One Comment

  1. Suzanne Mullany says:

    As much as i wasn’t a big fan of Michael Jackson, I did like his songs with his brothers, as a child.

  2. Andy Padaetz says:

    I have to move the Gibbs up to Number 3-and a good argument can be made to put them at number 1.

  3. Joe c. says:

    Let’s hear it for Mr. & Mrs. Doobie for giving us ‘The Doobie Brohers’!!!!

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