103971260 e1304677665288 General Hospital Will NOT Be Cancelled...For Now

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Katie Couric officially joined ABC today and has been given a syndicated talk show and a role at ABC News, plus ABC mapped out the new daytime schedule and issued a statement about “General Hospital.”

How long will it be around? You put the pieces of the puzzle together…


Here’s the situation: Katie’s untitled show will debut in September 2012 and film in New York but she will begin anchoring ABC News specials starting this summer.

Couric’s new talk show will air at 3PM and will join “The Chew'” and “The Revolution” as part of ABC daytime.

ABC said in a simple one-line statement they “continue to support ‘General Hospital’” but wouldn’t say if the show will be around when Katie’s talk show premieres.

So what do you think?

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  1. Dr. Donald Boudreau says:

    Noone says it better than the great actress Robin Strasser [a/k/a Doriam lord on One Life To Live] who twittered on May 27th:
    “With all her OPTIONS why did she choose ABC, colluding to END ICONIC STORIES? Her story: she always does right – NOT! 600 jobs lost per show!”

    Poor Katie, At least she finally got a good payday but she is seemingly, always chasing those ever elusive viewers – who do not — want to watch her for whatever reasons….Moreover, I would add the above estimate by Ms. Strasser of 600 jobs, per cancelled show, is extremely conservative, since there are so many ancillary businesses and many other types of jobs that have been supported by these shows, that will be adversely economically affected by this decision being driven by the niggardly Disney/ABC Company’s Robert Iger’s, Anne Sweeney’s and Brian Frons’s in the case of OLTL – anti- union activities and disinvestment in New York City, among other things. Oh, but wait, but where will Katie’s show be produced?…Oh, why New York, of course…hmmm…after killing off the soaps genre?… Ladies and gentlemen, young and old, PLEASE BOYCOTT all things DISNEY/ABC (except our soaps) and please join us today on Facebook in our nationwide protesting against the unconscionable and rank greed-motivated cancelling of these shows: One Life To Live and All My Children, and you can bet your eyes, General Hospital to soon follow thereafter if not sooner On Facebook, please join us now today on FIGHT 4 OUR ABC SOAPS MOVEMENT, SILVER SOAPERS, SAVE AMC AND OLTL AND GH. “Thank you” sincerely one and all for your wonderful assistance, it is much appreciated. REMEMBER: NO MOUSE IN OUR HOUSE!!
    ABC= A Boycotted Channel…

  2. phyllis says:

    I’m sick of reality shows, and talk shows are no exception! Leave General Hospital right where it is. If not my TV goes off when Couric comes on.

    1. Heather Silverthorn says:

      Have to completly agree. I do’nt want to watch anymore talk shows. My TV will also go off if couric comes on.

  3. Troy says:

    Now I have a reason to dislike Ms. Couric. REALLY, GENERAL HOSPITAL? I’m a straight male, and have been attached to that damn show since I was a kid and my Mom got me hooked on Luke & Laura. C’mon ABC, don’t let everything die….bring us to the days of soaps and talk shows, not just talk shows and education. WE NEED DAYTIME DRAMA, IT TAKES US AWAY LIKE CALGON!!!!!!!! Wake up ABC, don’t kill us all off! THATS WHAT THE SOAPS ARE FOR!!!! LOL

  4. Lisa says:

    O M G,,, Katie Couric i will not watch, I only started to watch Today, WHEN SHE LEFT!!! what can we do to save GH , and ourselves? !!!

  5. Joyce says:

    The ONLY reason I watch the ABC network is because of General Hospital. Please make this woman go away! Katie Couric is boring to watch on any network. ABC, you’re making a huge mistake. Give Couric another time slot but don’t interfere with General Hospital’s audience.

  6. sbrooks says:

    I think ABC is showing they care NOTHING For their viewers opinions and We should lock arms and boycott ALL that is tied into ABC and Katie! I love escaping from Reality and falling in love with all those in Landview, Pine Valley, and Port Charles.

    1. Gene says:

      ABC, day or nighttime does not care about it’s viewers. NO NETWORK has screwed the fans of more shows than ABC…..
      They don’t even have the decency to tie up loose ends. They leave the viewer hanging.
      Remember Invasion or Port Charles. Once Soaps ruled the daytime air waves, then game shows now talk shows. The only shows that will really draw a faithful audience are the daytime dramas. I don’t dislike Katie but she’s no Oprah. No one is. ABC might be in for a great big surprise in the ratings. So you can be sure in a couple of years there will be a whole new line up.

    2. Deborah says:

      I love GH. I have watched it for many years. America wants and needs to escape to Port Charles. It is a release from our lives. Don’t take ALL our soaps. We have enough talk shows that are boring.

  7. jess says:

    I like Katie Couric but come on, why does her show have to be on when General Hospital is on??? what happen to seniority rules??, General Hospital been around for a long long time. my Grandmother has been watching the show for 40 years and I have been watching it for 30 years and it’s the only show that my grandmother and i watch together and talk about! so leave General Hospital alone, cause i want to be able to say i have be watching it for 40 years or more!! by the way i won’t be watching Katie’s show cause it’s not my kind of show, i am kind of sick of talk shows and reality shows!! General Hospital is a show with a story line or more that you can follow with real actors and if you take that away then what would daytime entertainment be???… boring! sorry Katie but General Hospital Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. marie says:

      GH is my #1 show since 1974!!!! There is NO OTHER soap or tv show I’d rather watch than GH! It wil KILL ME if a BORING KATIE takes that spot. My tv will be OFF ABC DAYTIME FOREVER!
      Katie Couric????????? Who the hell gives a DAMN about ANYTHING “she” has to say? WHO is the MORON who decided to remove the greatest show on earth:General Hospital Rocks! Dumbness is running rampant on ABC! They are all crazy. That’s the ONLY explanation I can even give for this debacle.
      LEAVE MY GH ALONE!!!!!!!!!!
      Fans!!! It’s time to REVOLT vs.ABC now!!!

  8. m says:

    katie is terrible who cares we got enough stupid new shows going to lose alot of viewers if they cancel g.h.

  9. Dave P. says:

    Let’s cut to the chase. How much did Katie Couric pay ABC to give her a job?

  10. Patty says:

    General Hospital is just about the best show on tv. Please leave it on……the actors on this show are great-the story lines are great…..gives us a break and leave it on……….!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Broken Angel says:

    General Hospital is one show that I hope they DO NOT cancel!!! I’ve watched this show every day for over twenty years; and, I love the show.

  12. Denielle says:

    I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just put katie Couric show on @ 4… That would replace oprah. All they have now is news from 4 until 7 pm…

  13. m evans says:

    I love general hospital, but it has lost what we love about it. Is it me or has it changed to the Jason and Sonny show

  14. roxy says:

    i hate the CHEW its terrible i own my own business and i made my schedule so i could watch ONE LIFE TO LIVE i cant believe it was cancelled and the REVOLUTION is the worst combination of host i have ever seen.I have only seen commercials i refuse to watch. BRING BACK THE SOAPS…………………………………………………

  15. Bonnie says:

    If abc takes off the best soap ever they have lost me as a viewer forever!!!

  16. jc says:

    Tooooo many day time talk shows! Put Miss Katie on another time if you have to. I won’t watch Miss Katie nor will any of my friends. I’m sick of day time talk…

    ABC, KEEP GENERAL HOSPITAL going and let the fans enjoy the best soap opera that there is on TV.

  17. Sylvia says:

    I have heen watching General Hospital so long.. I really cant believe ABC would even consider no longer airing it. Even my son and son in law got hooked on it. Seriously are there not enough talk shows being aired already. I know they are just soaps and it is not real
    but sometimes it is nice to see that other people have problems in life also. What I am trying to say in a very wordy way, PLEASE leave General Hospital on the air it is the only soap I truly care about.

    1. Sue Hontz says:

      I am already so p—ed off because of the other ABC soaps already taken off the air. How can they , ABC, think of taking off The Queen Mother of soaps, GENERAL HOSPITAL. And then replace the stories with things like The Chew ……Please.
      There are those of us who have grown up and become adults with the characters in All My Children, One Life To Live and now General Hospital.
      What has happened to all the actors in the stories cancelled??

      I totally agree with Sylvia. PLEASE leave at least General Hospital on the air.


  18. matthew lawson says:

    general hospital is a great show! they should not take it off just to have another talk show! Abc will lose another watcher like me if they do. I already dont watch the chew, the revolution and thats because they took off all my children, and one life to live. So i guess when they take off GH i wont watch katie couric. what im saying is you’ve had loyal watchers for 20 to 30 years and it seems like us loyal customers dont matter!

  19. Tina D says:

    I am old school and have been watching soaps since before I started elementary school. I started first grade in 1965. General Hospital will whether the storm with the new writers that have come on board. Why can’t GH move to prime time?

  20. Mary says:

    I think it is a shame, I hate the Chew and do not watch it, (they act as a bunch of idiots, I get nothing from the program), I refuse to watch the revolution as I was a long time OLTL, watcher, now General Hospt., are they nuts? They are not thinking of us that are retiring, and grew up with OLTL, and GH, with working I have to tape them but enjoy watching them in the evening, and looking at retiring and not have something like a good soap in the afternoon what are they thinking. Too many talk shows, and reality shows. Give us some good old fashion drama. Replace Katie with the Chew or Revolution.

  21. Joyce says:

    I too am sick of talk/reality shows on in the daytime. I would never watch Katie Couric.
    Since this is the best soap on, I even wish they would forget about adding Starr, etc. from OLTL. Only McBain fits the show. They have enough story lines now. I too have been watching for years. It is the only soap that actually moves.

  22. angie says:

    I think that stinks if they cancel general hospital there are plenty of talk shows.

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