Get Ready for 101.1 CBS FM’s Top 500 Artist Countdown [2011]

Break out the flip flops and Tommy Bahama shirts because it’s Memorial Day Weekend, which means we will officially be welcoming in the Summer season. That means three months of cutting out of work early, having casual Friday everyday, and eating off of the grill seven days a week.

What could possibly be better than that?!?!

Counting down the Top 500 Artists of All Time while you have fun in the sun all weekend long, that’s what!

We know, you didn’t think we could top Tommy Bahama shirts, barbecues, and burgers. But we did. 101.1 CBS FM will be counting down the Top 500 Artists just for you. There’s no need to fiddle with your iPod, CD player, or if you like to keep it retro, record player all weekend long trying to put together a great playlist.

We have you covered, because we are literally playing everything you could ever want to hear so you can concentrate on grilling the tastiest burger, performing the perfect cannonball, or embarrassing your in-laws by tossing ringer after ringer.

That’s horseshoes talk. The die-hard bbq’ers know what we’re layin’ down.

NEXT PAGE – Here’s a taste of some of the artists you’ll hear


The countdown starts today at 5pm and runs until midnight on Memorial Day. We don’t want to ruin the surprise, but here’s a taste of some of the artists you’ll hear this weekend.




The Beach Boys “All Summer Long”

Honestly, any song from The Beach Boys is perfect for enjoying some fun in the sun this summer. You can’t go wrong here.

Correction: The Beach Boys are perfect year round.

Bryan Adams “Summer of ’69”

We’ve all had a summer or two that just sticks in our head. It was the best time of our life, we’ll never forget it, and it’s the source of countless stories we’ll be telling for the rest of our lives.

But hey, it’s worth a shot making this summer one for the record books too!

Don Henley “The Boys of Summer”

Whether you think this song is about the passing of youth, summer love, or questioning the past, it definitely reminds you of fond memories.

And as we all know, the summer months are the perfect time to continue making more memories just like them!

There’s just a quick sample of what 101.1 CBS FM has cooking for you over Memorial Day Weekend. Starting today at 5pm we’re counting down the Top 500 Artists of All Time, so you’ll be sure to hear something you love.



One Comment

  1. Mary Shaw says:

    starting good already 500 song was Great!!! I like when you do the countdowns, I hear some good stuff!!! Happy Holiday!!

  2. Phil Miglioratti says:

    Amen to that – even some of their not so popular tunes like It’s OK, Keepin’ the Summer Alive, Girl DOn’t Tell Me, Keep An Eye On Summer …

  3. Jimi LaLumia says:

    *******THE SUPREMES!!!!!!!**********

  4. Terri Bensky says:

    Love The Music.. Brings back great memories, I just love you guys. I am dancing in my seat at work.. Love the Hustle days..
    Have a Great Holiday Weekend !!!

  5. Tom Sisti says:

    Wishing you’d play the Top 500 or A to Z once a week. It’s nice to hear the former WCBS-FM play list occasionally.

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